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Making things clear

2012-08-10 22:54:47 by awezoomstudios


I know newgrounds since many years ago, but I didn't know about a music area. I was notified about someone claiming to have composed one of my oldest songs: Ancient Stories 2: The Green Valley. Someone called Norsked. I just registered to make everyone know he ripped some of my songs.

Since I'm here, I think I'll upload some of my music here. :)

PD: Sorry if my english is not perfect, I'm spanish. So, please forgive any mistake. :)



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2012-08-11 06:22:54

Thanks fro coming to the site personally to help clarify a few things.

Please use the newsposts or PM one of the Audio Moderators if you notice anymore songs that may have been stolen.

As a warning ahead of time, don't use the review system to indicate stolen songs, because that is against the reviewing rules on this site.

Thanks for signing up to the site and trying out the audio portal. Hopefully you will look beyond this unfortunate incident and make some friends and contacts here on Newgrounds!

awezoomstudios responds:

Ok, I didn't know about the reviews rules, sorry about that. :) I'll do it as you say.


2012-08-11 11:13:11

Maybe you can forgive him and make friends from your enemies. After all, that is one of the rare joyous opportunities in life.

awezoomstudios responds:

I can forgive friends who turn against you eventually, but I don't know this guy at all. Just some random thief around the world who was just caught. I don't need to make friends with him. Just stop him copying and that's all.


2012-08-11 19:24:09

Yeah, NorskeD will have to face the consequences of his actions, but he still deserves forgiveness from us. I would be upset too though I suppose.

But anyways, I'm glad you're here on Newgrounds and I must say I enjoyed your music on Soundcloud, as it reminded me of some cool adventure games I used to play a long time ago.


2012-08-12 09:40:09

Feel free to chat with us in the audio forum as well, a veteran is always very welcome


2012-08-12 21:59:38

Well, your music is very Awezoom! (haha) You are welcomed here! (just like NorskeD was when he first arrived (aahh memories) well, he's still my friend), but anyway... yeah! I, as a Newgrounds regular,
salute you!

Have a good time here, and, here, is a perfect example of how one man's stupid mistakes and actions can mean another man's discovery of an opportunity!


2012-09-23 21:21:07

DUUUDE post something up and talk here sometime!


2013-03-15 23:16:04

I'm so glad you clarified things! Norsked actually wrote reviews on a few of my songs and that is how I found your music. Though he did a very dishonest thing, I am glad he introduced me to your music.